Surviving the Back to School Transition with ADHD Kids

Are You Back To School Ready?

Does your kid struggle with transitioning between summer break and school starting? Have you ever felt like you don’t fully understand what they are feeling or why their behaviors can be out of control? We get it- it can be hard to understand how best to approach this year’s back to school transition and what you can do to help them.

We have talked with so many families who have walked a mile in your exact shoes.

Parents, it’s not easy trying to find out how to help your child with ADHD make transitions less stressful, especially with back to school, and even harder when you don’t fully understand the way your child sees their world.

This is going to be a very informative webinar providing awareness, answers, and action steps to:

-Establish routines with repetition
-Help calm the chaos and stress on the inside
-Provide premium fuel for premium performance
-Go beyond surviving to help your kid THRIVE with back to school
-Set them up for their most successful school year yet

Join us for Surviving the Back to School Transition with ADHD Kids on Tuesday, August 4th at 7:30 pm EDT!

Join Dr. David Turner for Surviving the Back to School Transition with ADHD Kids

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Hosted by:

David Turner

Gain A More In-Depth Understanding of Your Child

Join us for this webinar to understand your child more fully and how their body is trying to adapt to their stress. Whether it is keeping up or is falling behind, we will help you to understand not only what to do to help make this back to school transition their best yet, but how the stress inside their body is contributing to different challenges in everyday life.

Whether it is affecting their day-to-day activities or it is underlying stress that your child is feeling, this will be a great webinar to get the answers as to WHY your kid is struggling to make transitions and WHAT you can do to HELP them be less stressed this back to school season!

Join us for this online webinar as we go in-depth to explain:

-the biggest challenges kids with ADHD face during the back to school transition
-why your child struggles to make transitions
-why attention and behavior seems to worsen during high-stress times
-how to help your child adapt to the stress of back to school more effectively

Parents, you’re not alone in this. We want to see your child succeed and are here to help!

We Can’t Wait to Share with You on Tuesday, August 4th at 7:30 pm EDT!