NFWA Global Webinar: Teen Anxiety + Depression

Is Your Family Stressed?

Is your family experiencing emotional instability and mood swings? Have you noticed a shift in behaviors? Do you have a gut instinct that your family is dealing with some internal emotional rollercoasters, possibly anxiety or depression? Are you feeling the effects of it throughout the entire household- walking on eggshells, not knowing which version you’re going to encounter, or wondering how you can help feel less stressed?

We’re honored to care for so many families in this exact position. Whether related to working from home, figuring out finances, keeping multiple kids entertained, feeling overwhelmed yourself, or even maxing out your positivity to help your kids through their struggles, we get it!

We see families suffering from anxiety and depression have some of the following behaviors:

- Avoiding places and social interactions
- Shutting down and lack of motivation
- Low self-esteem, negative self-image, talk of self-harm
- Mood swings, explosive or unpredictable behavior
- Taking part in unhealthy coping mechanisms and “self-treatment”

Mood disorders affect one in six and almost twice as often in females than males. Research shows that with current global challenges, mood disorders are at an all-time high and concerning for families across the world.

Whether it is affecting your day to day activities or is presenting itself as underlying stress, please join us for this Anxiety and Depression Global Webinar on Thursday, May 14th 9:30pm ET (8:30pm CT, 7:30pm MT, 6:30pm PT) with Dr. Jen to get the answers as to WHY you are struggling and WHAT you can do to HELP be less stressed!

Meet NFWA Global Webinar: Teen Anxiety + Depression Host, Dr. Jen Givens

Dr. Jen Givens has become a valuable health resource for her community. Early in her career, she knew she wanted to be one of the best pediatric and prenatal chiropractors; she knew she had to help families. With her experience and expertise, that is exactly what she’s done.

Dr. Jen Givens started her first week of chiropractic school knowing that she was going to become a pediatric chiropractor. Her focus was set from that week on! During her 2nd year, she started taking classes through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association to become a Pediatric and Prenatal Certified Chiropractor. Dr. Jen was privileged to do a chiropractic mission trip to Brazil in which she brought chiropractic care to the community of Manaus. To this day, she cherishes the memories of adjusting and caring for orphans and less-fortunate children who have never experienced consistent healthcare.

Dr. Jen has always loved caring for kids, pregnant moms, and families and is excited to share a unique chiropractic experience with families. She is bringing her passion, experience, and expertise to Arizona and is looking forward to being a health resource for the community. Dr. Jen specializes in pediatric, family, and wellness care at Ignite Family Chiropractic in Peoria, Arizona. She is one of a few doctors in the state that provides this specific technique.

Dr. Jen and her husband Neil and their 4-month-old son, Mavrik live in Arizona and enjoy being adventurous- from hiking, off-roading, camping and day trips to new and old favorite locations, you’ll always see them out and about finding somewhere new to explore! In other free time, Dr. Jen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and trying new coffee shops.

Take The First Step in Helping Your Family

We Can’t Wait to Share with You on Thursday May 14th at 9:30pm ET (8:30pm CT, 7:30pm MT, 6:30pm PT)!